Limit your chances of being named in a lawsuit

Preventing liability losses is a priority and we do everything we can to help our members avoid costly lawsuits. Even when they have performed their official duties properly, Notaries are increasingly being named in lawsuits.

Reducing risk begins with preparation and "Steps to Prevent Notary Claims will help you do that. "What to Do If It Happens to You" reinforces best practices to follow and strategies to take if there's ever a claim on your bond or E&O policy. Download this printout for easy reference and you'll learn:

  • Why a Blank Line in a Document Is an Invitation for Fraud
  • How a Sloppy Journal Can Be a Red Flag in Court
  • The Importance of Watching Your Commission Expiration Date
  • The One Fact Never to Disclose to Opposing Counsel
Download the PDF file

Download and Print the PDF "Steps to Prevent Notary Claims and What to Do If It Happens to You"

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Watch the Videos to Learn How to Protect Yourself

Posted on July 5, 2011

Bill Anderson, NNA VP of Best Practices and eNotarization, reviews 10 steps Notaries can take to prevent being named in legal claims.

Watch at NNA Channel on YouTube

Posted on July 5, 2011

Richard Busch, Attorney for Merchants Bonding Company, explains what Notaries should do if they are named in a legal claim.

Watch at NNA Channel on YouTube

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