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The National Notary Association is committed to the education and service of Notaries throughout the United States. As the foremost authority on the American Notary office, the NNA is dedicated to imparting knowledge, understanding and unity among all Notaries, and instilling in them only the highest ethical standards of conduct and sound notarial practices.

The National Notary Association and You

The Association’s programs are designed to enhance Notaries’ effectiveness and security in detecting and deterring fraud, to boost their careers and increase their revenue opportunities, and to assist them in serving society responsibly and ethically. In addition, the NNA provides Notaries with the guidance and tools essential to making their duties simple and worry-free.

The National Notary Association is the preeminent professional association for the American Notary, and the ultimate source for every notarial need.

NNA President Milton G Valera A Message from NNA President Milton G. Valera

The National Notary Association has always been dedicated to educating and supporting America’s Notaries, who today number 4.8 million. But that support extends far beyond offering high-quality supplies, accredited educational courses, authoritative information resources and publications, affordable bond and insurance policies, and many other helpful services. It also includes inspiring Notaries to appreciate their important role as deterrents to fraud, forgery and imposture, and to strive for professionalism.

Our motivation today is to ensure that Notaries comply with state laws and adhere to best practice standards; to guide them to perform sound notarizations in order to avoid liability for themselves and risks to their signers; to encourage professionalism through maintenance of the qualifications and skills needed to properly perform their official duties; and to enhance the value of holding a Notary commission by increasing our members’ potential to earn additional income.

Notarization is the all-important official certification of integrity and propriety—the assurance that a document is worthy of the public’s trust. And the public increasingly relies upon Notaries to lend integrity and confidence to their transactions. The National Notary Association is dedicated to upholding that important societal need, and I encourage all Notaries to take advantage of the valuable guidance and benefits we have to offer.

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