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April 2014 Issue
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Be Sure To Guard The Information Of Co-workers As Well As Clients

While legal professionals know the importance of protecting a client’s privacy, it’s also essential to safeguard identifying information of co-workers. Identity theft can even take place within the workplace, as seen in a recent case of a former paralegal accused of stealing a former employer’s identity to pose as a lawyer.

According to media reports, John Hedderman of California is facing felony charges for practicing law under an assumed name. Hedderman is accused of taking the name and identity of a lawyer who Hedderman previously worked for as a paralegal.

If you notarize documents signed by co-workers or employers, always make sure your journal is kept in a safe and secure place when not in use, and is never left unattended in the open where someone can steal it or look through it to misuse unauthorized information. If a request is made to view an individual journal entry, be sure to cover any unrelated entries on the same page to prevent the requester from viewing inappropriate private details of other notarial acts.

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